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Information About Masks and Tribal Art From Around the World

Welcome to the Tribal Mask Database !!

This site is a "work in progress". All image files are in thumbnail style to speed loading of pages.  Please click on images for expanded versions.

I am attempting to compile as much information about the worlds tribal masks and art that I possibly can.   I have included  information  (or links to other informational  sites)  that pertain to the world's tribes/peoples that created this art as well as their county and history information. Please be aware that this is just a beginning work, and that I have much more yet to do.  If you do not see the peoples/tribes listed that you are interested in, please check back again at a later date and hopefully I will have added it.  I have the names of  4400 +  peoples, and this takes a while to gather that much data on that many people and their art. (probably the rest of my life at this rate)

If you have further information or links that  you believe might be of interest to other fellow mask-art collectors, please e-mail me and I will attempt to add it to this site.

If you notice any errors or "dead" links, please let me know so that this site can be as accurate as possible for our fellow collectors/researchers.

 [ While I strive to update my information in a timely manner, this is only my hobby and I cannot always work on this site as often as I might like].

This site has been developed as a strictly informational site and does not attempt to commercialize.  

Disclaimer:   Be aware that I can make no guarantees to the accuracy of the data contained within these pages.   While I strive to be as accurate as possible and put a great deal of effort into obtaining informational confirmations, much of the data gathered here comes from independent sources.  Information such as this, especially the parts obtained from the Internet/Web, can be  faulty. 
Please see full disclaimer.

All of this being said, please feel free to wander around my site and  let me know what you think.