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Mike's Accident - 2011


Day of - 1 week later - 1 Month Later - One year later - Today


Images from 2012: Finished physical therapy and 100% mobility returned.
I had an excellent surgeon, and she did a brilliant job. I think the scars may actually go away (mostly) eventually. I feel like I can wear shorts outside now without scaring small children with my Frankenstein scars. :-)


I start physical therapy tomorrow. I think I'm coming along nicely, all things considered... :-)

....above knee.........shin.............ankle...........whole leg........


Stiches are now out but still a good bit of healing to do.
Doctor says it is looking good though and I should eventually gain back full mobility after a few months of physical therapy.
I'm in a my 4th cast now (walking cast now), but still need to use wheelchair and eventually crutches and limit actual time on leg. Getting there!


Updates: First cast removed and second applied


IReally hate being in a wheelchair, but I can't allow pressure on the leg or the repaired tendons could snap.

I have to sleep on the couch because I can't go up the stairs. Nice couch, but this is getting old fast. I can't stand not being mobile. Decided to turn in my notice with Home Depot. Between the medications, the wheelchair, sleeping on a couch and then months of physical therapy to look forward to, I decided it would be best for me to leave and start back to work again after I have healed. It wouldn't be fair to them either for me to go on disability and continue to be short staffed while I was out. They did offer though, which was nice. Also, both of my bosses left the company just since I started there. That worried me a bit.



Image after surgery/cast applied : Valium for the muscle spasms so that the tendon sutures don't tear
and Percocet for the pain. Just started new job at Home Depot. Getting around in the wheelchair is tough. Good thing it's a desk job. :-)

Click images to enlarge..... from ER after mirror accident in mid 2011