The list below is compilation of all existing printer manufacturers. Those listed first are considered to be the largest in terms of sold units and total revenues.

Manufacturers marked with two stars (*) are developing new technology that might disrupt the printer market in the future. This because of significantly faster printer speed, superior print quality or much less use of printer supplies.

Manufacturer Buy printer cartridges External links
Brother Buy Brother cartridges Brother website 
Canon Buy Canon cartridges Canon website 
Dell Buy Dell cartridges Dell website 
Epson Buy Epson cartridges Epson website 
HP Buy HP cartridges HP website 
Lexmark Buy Lexmark cartridges Lexmark website 
Panasonic Buy Panasonic cartridges Panasonic website 
Samsung Buy Samsung cartridges Samsung website 
Sharp Buy Sharp cartridges Sharp website 
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Other Printer Manufacturers